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Thinking About Keyboards

I’ve been thinking about my keyboards of late. This is mine.

IBM Model M Manufactured in 1988

I’ve had a collection of IBM Model M keyboards since before college and I’ve picked up a few more since. My keyboards are old enough to drink. They click at each other in the ABC store. They feel like home.

Fortunately, what I have known for years (that mechanical keyboards are superior for us that code or work in operations all day) has gone main stream. There are actually quite a few options for new keyboards. A friend of mine recently got a Das Keyboard (the completely blank and black one). I have been looking at the more expensive CODE Keyboard. The backlit keys and minimalistic design strike me.

Are they as good as ye olde Model Ms? Less key travel to actuation perhaps? Not quite as loud? (I’m on the headset a lot with the new job.) Or are buckling springs the best for a RSI free life?

As I’ve been thinking about this through the last week…my mouse button fails.

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