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Nothing ever quite stays the same. The best SAs understand this almost unconsciously. I no longer work for NC State University and have started with a small company called 42 Lines. Its been a challenge, and I’ve been drinking from the fire-hose. Instead of teaching and advising I’ve been learning.

Clearly, this calls for a website make-over. So, welcome to the new LinuxCzar powered by Pelican. I’ve been wanting to move to something other than Wordpress for lots of reasons. Its time to get back to Python, lose the ever annoying comment spam, and make one less Wordpress install to maintain. Best of all, the website can live in Git as all things should.

For a Python fan, I am using the Octopress theme ported to Pelican. This them has stood out to me as fantastic design for a long time. Google fonts and the works. However, it does require Ruby tools to modify the CSS and doesn’t seem to have a support for a lot of reStructuredText directives. So it may not last. Know of a better theme Pelican theme?

However, there is nothing better than being able to write in reStructuredText.

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