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More T61 Goodness

  July 4, 2007   Operations

I have built patched modules to drive the Intel 4965 wireless card in the ThinkPad T61. A lesser version of the same code is available in later Fedora 7 kernels but the PCI ID is different for the card in the T61. I’ve build Fedora Kmod packages that build the iwl4965 module from the iwlwifi-0.0.32 package. Its not the neatest package I’ve build, but it works.

Also, there is a small bug in the new Inte 945GM video driver where the driver is attempting to scale the image even though the LCD panel is running at its native resolution. This produces an image that doesn’t appear “crisp” or appears out of focus. So here are some rebuild xorg-x11-drv-i810 packages with the proper patch. I found this out from the following post:

The packages are here:

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