Contact Information

Email: jjneely at gmail dot com.


Fifteen years experience as a Linux Systems Architect, including facilitating communication with peers and customers, training fellow system administrators, organizing conferences, configuration management, data based monitoring, automated systems administration, and deploying highly available and large scale services.


Administrating Linux Distributions

  • Automating provisioning, configuration, and storage with Amazon AWS, and IBM SoftLayer.
  • Advanced experience with Ubuntu LTS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Fedora, and CentOS. Familiarity with other distributions including Debian, Foresight Linux and Slackware.
  • Full understanding of network and distributed environments, IP routing, client/server programming, and network file systems.
  • Ability to tune Linux systems based on performance, memory usage, filesystem and device I/O, and threading or multi-processing.
  • Experience automating installations, configuration management, and other administration tasks for thousands of machines.

Training and Teaching

Developed and taught 2 to 3 training sessions each year at NCSU targeted at Linux enthusiasts and all system administrator skill levels. Training topics include:

  • RPM Packaging
  • Using RAID and LVM in Linux
  • LVS and Keepalived: Low Cost Load Balancing
  • Deploying and Managing NCSU Realm Linux
  • Configuration Management Concepts

Computer Languages

  • Software developer experience with Python, Go, and C.
  • Systems administration tasks in Python, Bash, Tcsh, Perl, and SQL.
  • Documentation skills using Confluence, LaTeX, DocBook, MoinMoin Wiki Syntax, and Media Wiki Syntax.
  • Web application experience with Python, Flask, Genshi Templates, HTML, XML, and CSS.

Software Development

  • Experienced Open Source project leader including delegation of sub-projects to contributors.
  • Experience with many version control systems including Git, Mercurial, Subversion, and CVS.
  • Contributed code to Anaconda, Ansible, Bcfg2, Graphite, MoinMoin, Up2date, and Yum.
  • Active bug reporting and working with developers to reach solutions.
  • Frequent contributor and developer on Github.

Containers and Packaging

  • Management of Docker containers via Ansible and Mesos Aurora.
  • Participated in designing an RPM packaging standard for shipping kernel modules in Fedora. Later versions of this standard are used by ELRepo, RPMFusion and other package repositories.
  • Advanced knowledge of RPM Spec file syntax and Debian packaging.
  • Experience with DNF/Yum and APT package tooling. Significant code contributions to Yum.
  • RHN Satellite experience.
  • Contributed OpenAFS packages to ELRepo and RPMFusion.

Open Source Projects

NCSU Realm Linux
NC State University

Project Lead. Realm Linux is a set of modifications applied to the latest version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux to integrate that platform into NC State University’s computer environment. Including Kerberos, hesiod, OpenAFS, LDAP, custom applications, and a completely automated management and installation process for workstations and servers.

  • Used in student labs and on research machines throughout campus.
  • Powers the main website for NC State University and many other websites.
  • Base platform for Web, Cyrus IMAP, LDAP, Samba, Kerberos, MySQL, Webmail, NTP, research clusters, and multiple other services.
  • Supports a distributed administration methodology.
  • Fosters collaboration with the Open Source community as bugs are reported, patches contributed, and sub-projects are released as open source.


Contributor. Bcfg2 is a configuration management tool written in Python that uses a plugin based architecture.

  • Patched the RPM Package Plugin.
  • Rewrote the Yum Plugin to make use of the Yum API.


Project Lead. Current is an open source implementation of a server for Red Hat’s up2date program. Long term goals included being a feasible replacement for the Red Hat Network. Versions released were capable of keeping thousands of machines updated. The project was superseded by Red Hat’s release of Spacewalk.

Work Experience

Senior Operations Engineer
December 2013 - Present
42 Lines, Inc. Raleigh, NC

  • Designed, planned, and implemented a distributed Prometheus based monitoring and telemetry infrastructure for a service oriented architecture software development process.
  • Designed, managed, and upgraded a client’s Graphite and Grafana cluster supporting more than 30 million incoming metrics per minute and more than 300 terabytes of storage.
  • Architected a solution to ingest more than 1 million Statsd metrics per second and feed aggregate metrics to Graphite.
  • Built Nagios/Merlin monitoring systems for multiple clients to achieve single pane of glass monitoring for infrastructures spanning the globe and multiple Platform as a Service providers.
  • Migrated an in-house Amazon EC2 provisioning system away from Chef to an Ansible based system.

Operations and Systems Specialist
April 2006 - November 2013
NC State University Office of Information Technology
Raleigh, NC

  • Lead architect of NC State University’s Linux deployment. Continued project lead of NCSU Realm Linux. Support of over 2,000 workstations and servers.
  • Technical lead for the deployment of Red Hat Enterprise Linux throughout the University of North Carolina System’s 16 universities.
  • Designed automated tools to better support Realm Linux including hands-off installs using PXE and Red Hat Kickstart.
  • Designed and built a configuration management solution using Bcfg2 that is used by system administrators all over campus. Also effective in situations where IT groups required being partitioned away from other IT groups.
  • Implemented dynamic Kickstart system for all of campus based on Python and Genshi Templates.
  • Created and maintain many RPM packages including OpenAFS packages.
  • Built an RPM package build system using Subversion and Mock.
  • Upgraded and took primary responsibility of the campus Kerberos authentication system. Moved the campus off of the Kerberos 4 protocol.
  • Upgraded and took primary responsibility for the NC State University’s public NTP service.
  • Implemented an inexpensive load balancing and high avaliability solution using LVS, Keepalived, and spanned network VLANs through the data centers. This system load balanced NC State’s main website, LDAP infrastructure, RHN Satellites, Webmail, Linux installs, and many other services.
  • Upgraded the Cyrus IMAP implementation that supported over 100,000 users to new hardware, latest Realm Linux version, and the most current Cyrus IMAP software.
  • Built Xen and KVM based virtual machines for optimal use of physical hardware.
  • Train users, help desk staff, and other system administrators on a regular basis.
  • Wrote and continue to update documentation and best practices guidelines for various topics in Linux administration.
  • Started and organized NC State University’s FOSS Fair, an anual unconference style event for topics in Free and Open Source Software. Beginning in 2009.

Systems Programmer I
2001 - 2006
NC State University College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Raleigh, NC

  • Took on the responsibility as the project lead for NCSU Realm Linux.
  • Managed the campus wide install base of Realm Linux at over 1,000 machines.
  • Deployed and managed a Red Hat Network Satellite server and its supporting Oracle 9iR2 database.
  • Served as contact point for campus regarding Linux security issues, bugs, enhancements, and features for Red Hat style Linux distributions.
  • Designed, deployed, and administrated 100 node Beowulf Cluster based on the Sun Grid Engine and MPI.
  • Built supporting infrastructure for the Beowulf including fiber channel storage arrays, deployment of Brocade FC switches, and Cisco 3750 network switches.
  • Supported the Beowulf users as they created live hurricane prediction models submitted to the National Weather Service.
  • Participated in the server room design process for the room that housed several Beowulf Clusters and other servers.

Systems Administrator
2000 - 2001
NC State University Department of Physics
Raleigh, NC

  • Performed junior systems administration on Linux machines.
  • Worked with faculty and graduate students to troubleshoot problems and identify solutions.
  • Tested and deployed Realm Linux and other Linuxes.

1999 - 2000
NC State University Department of Chemistry
Raleigh, NC

  • Created professional quality video with Linux.
  • Developed process to master a recording onto LaserDisc and produce VHS tapes of the master.
  • Wrote C code to generate models of a molecular “bridge.” This code was used to design molecules that identify and bond to cancer cells and leave normal cells untouched.

Summer of 1999
Sandhills Community College
Pinehurst, NC

  • Taught basic Windows 9598 class.


B.S. in Computer Science
May, 2002
North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC

Activities and Honors

Professional Awards and Associations

  • Gertrude Cox Award for Innovative Excellence in Teaching and Learning with Technology winner for the Realm Linux project.
  • Triangle Linux Users’ Group (TriLUG) member.
  • Former President of the NC State University Linux Users Group.


  • A vocalist for the North Carolina Master Chorale, St Michael’s Episcopal Church, the Raleigh Convocation Choir of the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina, and Capital Opera Raleigh.
  • Affiliate of the Royal School of Church Music in America.
  • Management team member for the Royal School of Church Music Carolina Course for Girls and Adults.


Available on request.