This page documents some past projects that I have been involved with. If something looks of interest to you, check it out. Also, you are welcome to ask any questions or even submit a patch!


Public projects, random source, and other interesting things used to be on a local Git server. However, they have now moved to GitHub proper.

If you have any questions including that about licensing, please let me know.

Realm Linux

Realm Linux was my main reason for life at a former employer, NC State University. My involvement ended in late 2013. This is a modified version of Red Hat’s operating systems (as of this writing RHEL) that integrates seamlessly into NC State’s computing environment.  This includes Kerberos, hesiod, OpenAFS, automated Kickstart installs, and configuration management with Puppet.  You may also be interested in the more general website for Campus Linux Services as it contains links to more projects and code created in my role at NC State.

Repositories of Note:


I was the lead maintainer of Current from 2004 to 2007.  Current aimed to support the Yum and RHN protocols and develop an Open Source errata and repository management system.  This project was superseded by Red Hat’s release of Spacewalk.