This page contains some of the smaller projects I’ve worked on and found useful. Not really complete ideas but usefull tools.

C Tool Kit

This is a simple tool kit written in C that implements binary trees, ALV trees, vectors, matrices, graphs, and linked lists.

Mod-Python XMLRPC Server

This is a XMLRPC server for Apache with mod_python. It’s very simple but there’s not much, seemingly, in the wild on how to do this. This server provides a handler that exports specific modules and functions in a Python file. All you have to do is write the functions and all the XMLRPC stuff is done for you.

Cups to LPRng Backend

This is a python script that allows the Cups print system to print directly to LPRng. This gives you many of the features of Cups, like the integrated support in Red Hat Linux or the Fedora Project, and the power of LPRng. This backend is meant to be a generic backend that sends jobs to the queue and server that is specified in the Cups printer configuration. The neat feature of this backend is that it allows Cups to print to a kerberos authenticated LPRng print server.