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New Tool: bucky-pickle-relay

I’m just going to call my current client Bruce.

The Graphite cluster I’m working on with Bruce grows almost faster than I can keep up. One of the tools I’ve been transitioning to is carbon-c-relay to do consistent hashing and full metric routing in C. It works very, very well.

However, most of the data Bruce tosses at me utilizes Graphite’s Pickle protocol which carbon-c-relay doesn’t support. I needed an efficient and very fast daemon that could decode Graphite’s Pickle protocol and pass it to carbon-c-relay.

A new tool in the Buckytools project has been born! bucky-pickle-relay listens for Graphite’s Pickle protocol, decodes it using the og-rek Go library and retransmits it to a target relay.

An Upstart configuration for it:

description "bucky-picle-relay accepts Graphite pickle data and outputs text data."
author      "Jack Neely"

start on started carbon-c-relay
stop on stopping carbon-c-relay

setuid graphite
setgid graphite

limit nofile 32768 32768

exec /usr/bin/bucky-pickle-relay -b localhost:2003

Comments and patches (especially patches) welcome.

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