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Watching the Train Steam Off the Cliff

Upgrading the Cyrus IMAP servers. At what point do you stop trying to offer help knowing that you can’t stop the train before the tracks give way over the cliff? Monday I get to see if the train has the power of levitation or not.

Fun things:

  • No thought given to backups, not even getting the software installed
  • The data volumes are the wrong sizes
  • GSSAPI authentication problems
  • SSLTLS problems
  • No thought given to the scripts that add and remove accounts
  • Cron jobs report errors
  • Missing configuration
  • No documentation to repeat the installation and migration procedures
  • Asked the cyrus admin to reinstall the server to test that a working configuration was reproduced.  The status of the server was not tested.
  • The new IMAP server doesn’t actually accept mail to store for the users.

Is that enough?

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