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  August 14, 2008   Operations   tools

One post about tools and it seems I can’t help but look at screwdriver sets.  Good ones are really hard to find it seems.  The Black and Decker set I mentioned in the last post seems hard to come by now.  Looks like they have replaced it with this. With less bits and includes a 3-position screw driver which I, personally, have never cared for. I don’t care for the pistol style screwdrivers either as they tend to change position on you while you are applying pressure in the middle of a rack. What cord was that you just accidentally caught and yanked out? I did see a Husky ratcheting screwdriver set in Home Depot a few days ago that might be a good set. It had lots of bits and a Husky driver. However, I haven’t found it online.

What did I find online? I’ve never personally used these but I sure wouldn’t mind the chance:

GearWrench seems to have several sets.  This set being the one I liked the most at a reasonable price tag of $35.  Although, I’d much rather trade out the T driver for a stubby.

Everybody seems to be selling this SK stubby set. About $21. The SK stuff is usually really great, I’d like to try these. (Although the Sears price is a little high.)

Finally, of course, if your overly serious about your ratcheting set and work pays you way too much (or they buy them for you) might as well go with this Snap-On set. This is really the set I like the best and the Snap-On brand means that it should be some of the best tools you can get your hands on. Now, I’ll just go out back and pick $317 off the money tree…

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