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Red Hat Summit

  May 16, 2007   Operations

Saturday I returned from another extremely successful Red Hat Summit in San Diego. Lots of fun, lots of interesting sessions. The real highlight was AMD’s announcement about making the GPU part of the CPU and opening the specifications. Real Open Source graphic drivers. I spoke a couple times with Ted Donnelly from AMD. (I’ve probably horribly misspelled that.) He spoke several times about what a huge risk this move is for AMD. If the Open Source community doesn’t “catch” AMD then its going to be a hard landing. But with the support that Ted was giving the Open Source community truly free graphics on Linux will be very, very welcome. Okay, about 1,400 people wanted to hug some AMD folks. However, there wasn’t any specifics on when and where, but the future looks bright. Check out LWN for the full press details.

One of the many very interesting things talked about was the ability for the average user to create Fedora live CDs and spin their own Fedora based distributions. Very neat stuff. The presenter of one session had burned a handful of mini-CDs of a live CD of just enough rawhide to get Yum working. These were very limited, so I wanted to post the 175MB ISO.

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