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  October 6, 2006   Operations

I finally fixed the blog feed on my homepage yesterday. Actually, its a pretty simple little script that uses Kid to parse the Atom feed. Take a look.

Its based off of one of the excellent examples on the Kid website. However, it does require that the XHTML used for each post must be correct. Sometimes code fragments get me. Its what blew up my personal website before. Indeed, it would be great if Google would have some better ways to post code.

In other news, I don’t believe that I have posted that there is a new development version of Current available. This is version 1.7.6. The previous development version would traceback during scanning of channels. Definitely not a feature. I’ve begun work on integrating an OU tree into Current to manage groups of machines and permissions in a much more flexible way than what’s used in RHN. Time for fun stuff to start happening.

I’m still looking for someone that would be willing to help out with Current by working on the templates or any part of the TurboGears web interface. That would be really helpful.

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