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Blogger Beta

  September 3, 2006   Operations

I’ve just been able to convert my blogger account to the Google’d up beta. Its not too different from before, just has liberal Google spice. Although, I’m sure under the hood it is quite different. I look forward to using the tool to graphically alter my blogger template as well. Of course, it did break the feed I had setup to my website,

To test out Blogger, I shall moan about how embarrassing it is to be an American at times. I do not agree with this war in Iraq and even our President has finally admitted that it has nothing to do with terrorism. (Jon Stewart had some fun with that clip.) The countries that we have invaded have been left in far worse condition. This week I’ve read reports on CNN of the increase in violence/deaths of Iraqis and a 60% increase in opium production in Afghanistan. What does it take for our administration to admit that something is wrong and attempt to put matters right?

Oooh…the spell checker is a lot better too.

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