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  June 7, 2006   Operations

Well, I’m glad to say that my job search is over. At least for a while. I have accepted a new position at NC State University to lead the Linux initiative at the university level. Really the same job just with the position that says I can do it now. The group I work with is very professional as well. Really is quite a difference.

In other news it seems to be that I’m not the only one that’s been left with a sour taste having to use an RHN Satellite as my management and deployment tool for supported Linux clients. Since this university doesn’t pay the contract we find ourselves in a catch 22. The contract is administered at a higher level for multiple universities by folks that don’t understand the critical nature of security threats and software updates. They even tell Red Hat that we are used to licenses expiring before they can be renewed again. For me this means that while the license is expired my deployment and management system for 1,300 machines is down. Just in time for the latest round of remote kernel DoS attacks as well. As far as RHN as brought us folks seem to want to drop it like a bad habit if we can.

The scary part is that these thoughts and motions lead me to Current and spending some time on it again. Could Current support the university via RHN and the Yum metadata protocols? Could it track my client usage for RHEL license book keeping?

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