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Physical Security

  December 30, 2005   Operations

Been reading about the aspects of physical security. Would like to do some more reading on the subject. There are quite a few short papers out there that talk about aspects of physical security or give you some type of checklist aimed at helping you cover all the bases in your data center. One, entitled Data Center Physical Security Checklist, does the checklist thing quite well. Its very good about confining its scope to physical security and is quite professionally done.

This list has given me some good idea about things to do about my server room and, hopefully, more points to take to the faculty regarding how unacceptable the current condition is.

Just to top off facilities randomly chose yesterday to get the vendor out to do some work on our AC system. I have had a call in about some malfunctions we have been having recently and the work most definitely needed to be done. However, facilities did not give us any notice. “Hi, we are starting work on the AC system, the physics department told us we should talk to you.” Good grief! We are now back up after a two day degradation. I didn’t quite turn everything off, as the basic building AC will hold us to a point.

The physics folks move into the server room’s outer room next week.

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