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Quota Tool for Users

  December 8, 2005   Operations

Quota is always painful. But its not as hard a problem as, say, what StateEngine tries to solve. Always raising a user’s quota when they hit the invisible wall is not practical. In the Linux world, or at least over here at NCSU you get a dialog box that says you are over quota and brings you into Failsafe mode for your graphical login. Failsafe mode, yeah, that mode where you have a crappy xterm in the bottom of your screen. I have a lot of users that have no clue how to use a Bash prompt.

Why hasn’t anyone solved this user interaction problem? Why is there not a generic tool that can pop up letting users examine their files and delete some of them. Some limited file management aspects. I realize that there are many different file systems and different ways for querying about your quota. This can be pretty easily abstracted into modules.

This is one of the biggest non-automated tasks I am bothered by. This should be an easy thing for users to fix themselves.

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