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Hacking OpenAFS

  June 28, 2004   Operations

Hack, hack, hack…

Screen Shot

I really don’t like the fact that I had to, but I’ve been hacking on OpenAFS with the help of the Arla folks. Nice folks, those Arla guys.

I’m really very much of the opinion that the hook the sys_call_table method must go away, but until we have something that can replace it we still have to have a working product. I and the OpenAFS developers even agree that the hack must die, its just the whole having a working product thing. So I patched in some code. We’ll see what happens.

What’s my real plan? I’m hoping to motivate folks. It really is clear that OpenAFS seems to be falling behind. There’s lots of room for improvement, maybe I can help us get there. Maybe I should use Arla and hack on their code. Here goes me getting in hip deep.

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