The bossman got chewed out in a meeting last week. The administration demanding that we come running to every problem that may happen. No budget, no positions for a help desk team or person. It doesn’t matter that other colleges have under staffed IT groups that are 4 to 8 times our man power. Oh yeah, and we don’t have infinite resources to back up the administrations multiple gigabytes of email per person.

As budgets have been cut repeatedly at the university things have gotten less fun, that’s for sure. However, I can only take so much flack for not providing adequate service when the administration cannot be convinced that resources are required to provide those services. Especially since there is no chance of a promotion or raise. I can see the burning bush. Its time.

So, the Linux Czar is looking for a new job. Preferably in the Raleigh, NC area but willing to talk about other adventures. My Resume (PS) is on my website. My interests are in working with Red Hat Products, centralized management and administration of large numbers of workstations and servers, and disaster recovery planning.

Also, I’m sure only Google will notice that I did do some changing in the layout of my website. Mostly to better handle multiple domains better. So older links may need updating.

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